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Oikocredit International provides loans to local partners that seek to have a social impact. Through these partners, it provides enterprising people and groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America with access to financial resources that are otherwise very limited.

Oikocredit's partners consist of microfinance institutions, fair trade cooperatives, and small and medium-sized companies.

Oikocredit US supports Oikocredit International’s impact by raising awareness of financing needs in the Global South, advocating for solutions and offering capacity-building grants.

Entrepreneur Stories: Individuals who have benefited from an Oikocredit investment
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What does Oikocredit do?

Oikocredit International provides loans to more than 600 local partner organizations with a social objective, in about 60 countries worldwide. Through these partner organizations, we provide individuals and groups (clients) in low-wage countries, who normally do not have access to loans, access to appropriate financial resources. Oikocredit 's partners consist of microfinance institutions, small and medium-sized companies, fair trade cooperatives and sustainable energy companies. Oikocredit US is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports Oikocredit International’s impact through investment and capacity building grants for its partners that benefit clients.

What is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Oikocredit's work?

Oikocredit is continuing its work. We are focusing on the most important processes. Where possible, our employees work from home, in accordance with government measures. We are continuously monitoring developments, and we have contingency plans to deal with high impact operational situations.

Internal specialists and Oikocredit's Board of Directors are monitoring the status of our investments in and loans to our partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and other liquid assets. We are also tracking general developments related to the pandemic, including the impact on the wellbeing and effectiveness of Oikocredit employees working all over the world.

Oikocredit staff globally work closely with our partner organizations to assess the situation of each individual partner and support them where possible, for example with business continuity and liquidity planning.

Oikocredit is also in talks with other impact investing fund managers to exchange and coordinate how we can deal with this challenging situation together.

With these measures, we are continuing to fulfill our mission to support our partners and their customers, at a time when their need for support is greater than ever.

At the same time, Oikocredit is assessing the potential impact on the value of our financing portfolio to protect the money of members and investors.

Due to the nature of Oikocredit's portfolio (loans and equity investments) and the number of partners we work with (over 600 partners in more than 60 countries), assessing the financial impact will take time. The rapidly changing nature of the coronavirus crisis means that we need to update this assessment as the situation develops.

What is microcredit?

Microcredit is the provision of small-scale loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them build economic independence.

How is Oikocredit a leader in microcredit?

There are three reasons why Oikocredit is a leader in the microcredit field: 1. Oikocredit is focused particularly on improving living conditions for low-income people and communities in the Global South through our partners. We work to improve financial inclusion, so that people in these areas have more opportunities to access loans. 2. Oikocredit offers capacity building grants. Some of these grants help partners to improve their readiness for investment. Other grants help to augment the investments we make, by enabling a partner to refine its operations or manage the risk of price fluctuations in the market. 3. Oikocredit collaborates with other social investors to help bolster the effectiveness of the microcredit sector and improve collective impact. Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic along with peer organizations exemplifies our commitment to working with others to make a difference.

Does Oikocredit only invest in microcrofinance institutions?

No, Oikocredit also provides capital to other partners, which are typically small and medium-sized enterprises working in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and financial inclusion.