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Courtney Blodgett

Director of Market Strategy, McKinstry


Courtney is the Director of Market Strategy for McKinstry, a built environment company, works on clean energy, innovation, and sustainability. She serves as a part-time Director of Strategy for Edo, a McKinstry spin-out, which enables building-to-grid integration. She is also the founder of Yield Positive, a blog about sustainable investing for the everyday investor. Courtney has worked around the globe in climate and sustainable finance for more than 15 years. Her experience includes helping to design the rules of the carbon market and leading the impact investing team of Paul Allen, Microsoft's co-founder. Courtney has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Amsterdam Business School and École des Mines. Courtney is an avid rock climber, hiker, dancer, home chef, explorer, and reader. She also sits on the board of the Carbon Leadership Forum. Courtney joined the Oikocredit US Board of Directors because she is passionate about using finance to further economic and sustainability opportunities in developing countries.

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