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Alignment with Kate Cochran

On July 28, Matt and Sara sat down with Kate Cochran, Chief Executive Officer at Upaya Social Ventures, to discuss the fantastic work she is doing to help low-income communities in India and around the globe. Upaya is a social investor whose mission is to fight extreme poverty from the ground up by building scalable businesses, dignified jobs, and long-term prosperity in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Kate also shared how Upaya is using recoverable grants as a way for people in the US to use philanthropic dollars to invest in impactful women entrepreneurs in India.

"We’re committed to backing women entrepreneurs because they are often overlooked. We believe that if you do not take a gender lens approach to investing, then nothing’s going to change."

- Kate Cochran

Kate is CEO at Upaya Social Ventures and has held many leadership roles in international development organizations providing financial services to people in low-income communities. She is also a founding Board member of Upaya Social Ventures.

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