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Impact News Roundup - August 2021

Welcome to our monthly Impact News Roundup, where we highlight interesting news in

the impact investing industry along with insights from Oikocredit US. We are dedicated

to keeping our stakeholders informed and that starts here. Subscribe to our newsletter today!


Impact in India: Recoverable Grants, Covid-19 and More

What are the prospects for impact in India in these pandemic times? Find out in the second episode of our free webinar series, Alignment: Using Your Values to Invest in Social Change.

On July 28, Matt and Sara sat down with Kate Cochran, Chief Executive Officer at Upaya Social Ventures, to discuss the fantastic work she is doing to help low-income communities in India and around the globe. Upaya is a social investor whose mission is to fight extreme poverty from the ground up by building scalable businesses, dignified jobs, and long-term prosperity in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Kate also shared how Upaya is using recoverable grants as a way for people in the US to use philanthropic dollars to invest in impactful women entrepreneurs in India.


Impact Investing is Faith in Action

Our friends at Calvert Impact Capital published a fantastic guide for faith-based investors. Did you know that faith-based investors have a long tradition of making impact with their investments?


Oikocredit Is Ready for the Future: An Interview with Thos Gieskes

Where is Oikocredit today? Where is it headed? And how is our new strategy helping us get there? In this interview, outgoing Oikocredit International Managing Director Thos Gieskes reflects on what Oikocredit was like when he first started, where the cooperative is today, and what's in store going forward.


Microfinance Potential High in India Despite Rise in Pandemic Defaults

There has been a significant impact on microfinance loans in India from the second COVID-19 wave. "Loans overdue by 30 days are expected to reach 14-16%." Despite the bumpy road ahead, many remain optimistic. "About 55% of the market is still untapped which means there is huge market opportunity ... so things will look up soon."


New Crowdfunding Loan Harnesses Power of Community to Help Small Business Owners

Did you know Kiva loans help small business owners here in the US? After living in New York for 25 years, hairstylist and Caribbean native Antonio Gonzales moved to Long Beach last year to open a hair salon. A month after he moved, his plans were put on hold once the pandemic hit. With help from a LA Kiva Hub loan, he was able to finally build his new hair salon.


ESG Investing Guidance from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has grown exponentially this year - and the SEC is looking closer at what ESG investing and disclosure means. Transparency and accountability are key to ESG investing.

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