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Impact News Roundup - July 2021

Welcome to our monthly Impact News Roundup, where we highlight interesting news in

the impact investing industry along with insights from Oikocredit US. We are dedicated

to keeping our stakeholders informed and that starts here. Subscribe to our newsletter today!


Oikocredit US Presents: Alignment with Janine Firpo

How can women use their investments to change the world for the better?

Find out in the first episode of our free webinar series, Alignment. Janine Firpo is the author of Activate Your Money. She is a values-aligned investor with a passion for helping women learn out to use their money to invest in positive impact. Oikocredit US's CEO, Matt Eldridge, and COO, Sara Shoff, spoke to Janine about how to align your investments with your values and how women are especially positioned to create fundamental change with their investments.


Announcing Recoverable Grants

Oikocredit US makes impact investing simple.

We offer an easy way for individuals with donor-advised funds, faith-based organizations, and foundations to make impact investments, generate impact, and then utilize the investment returns. We are looking for your philanthropic capital to deploy as investments in Oikocredit International’s funding of ethical ventures in Latin America, Africa and Asia.


US Bill to Accelerate Donor-Advised Funds Could Have Global Impact

DAFs could free up an estimated $142 billion for charities. Another $1 trillion is held in endowments of private foundations required by U.S. tax law to pay out 5% of their assets annually. There are no such requirements for DAFs."


The Role of B Corporations for Investors

"B Corporations are making a bigger splash in the investing world as more companies prove that purpose and profits are not mutually exclusive." If you’re thinking about working with a certified B Corp investment manager, here are four key considerations to keep in mind.


Building Resiliency Among Partners

How have our webinars promoted solidarity and increased resiliency among Oikocredit partners? Read the blog by Tes Pilapil, Oikocredit's Regional Director of Southeast Asia, to find out.


The Power of Endowments Unleashed

Foundations are increasingly looking for ways to align their investments with their values through how they invest their endowment assets. What does aligning investments with values mean for foundations and their endowments? Achieving their mission - "Impact investment shatters [traditional models] and unleashes the power of endowments to help foundations achieve the maximum net positive impact. Through impact investment, the endowment of a foundation contributes to fulfilling its mission, rather than working against it."


Museums Turn to Mission-Aligned Investing

Endowments that fund values-driven organizations - from museums to foundations - can be better aligned with the values and purpose of those organizations. Those investments can even be used to fund things like local art programs, social justice, and social entrepreneurs.

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