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Impact News Roundup - March 2023

Welcome the new monthly North America Impact News Roundup, where Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit US track the progress and challenges in building the impact investing industry. We are dedicated to keeping our stakeholders informed and that starts here. Subscribe to our newsletter today!


“Global Climate Race” Taking Shape with US and European Investments?

The US Inflation Reduction Act allocated hundreds of billions of dollars in incentives to drive a green, inclusive economic future. This policy change is also making an impact worldwide. At the same time, European countries are increasing their investments in the environment and are looking to align their own policies in order to “prepare for the global climate race.”


In Social-impact Investing, Trust Is the Most Important Measure

Courtney Robinson (the global head of financial inclusion for Block in Canada) and Leslie Jackson (the head of policy for Block) discuss the importance of trust in the impact investing sector. They emphasize how this trust does not come from monotony of spreadsheets and metrics, but rather from diligence and discipline.

“Prioritizing trust in the context of metrics-obsessed corporate culture is not easy. But, in our experience administering a US$100-million racial equity and social-impact commitment over the past two years, trust is the most predictive measure of investing wisely for social good.”


ESG Themes to Watch in 2023

The Financial Times is starting off the year with a focus on ESG themes to follow in 2023. Those who want to make an impact may want to watch key players such as Emmanuel Faber, chair of the International Sustainability Standards Board. Faber won huge praise for his statement at COP15 in Montreal last month in which he urged integration of sustainability standards into corporate reporting on a global scale.


Yale School of Management to Launch New Student-run Impact Investing Fund

The Yale School of Management is launching a new student-run impact investment fund this year, called the Meng Impact Investment Fund. The fund aims to give students the opportunity to obtain crucial hands-on experience in making difficult decisions about investments in companies with a focus on social impact.

“Our students are passionate about using the tools of business to make a difference, and this investment fund will give them a vehicle to both develop their analytical skills and see the long-lasting impact their efforts have on real organizations. I am proud that our students were so determined in advocating for this outcome.” - Yale SOM Dean, Kerwin K. Charles


Impact Investing Moves from Niche to Norm in Agtech and Foodtech

Values-driven investing is on the rise despite the economic uncertainties of 2022. The need to invest in our climate and communities is more important than ever and financial leaders are responding. At the end of 2019, roughly US$17.1 trillion of assets under professional management in the United States had implemented a sustainable investment strategy according to this report by the US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment.

“Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, expect to see a continued rise in investments to create more sustainable agtech and foodtech, and to build and manage more sustainable real estate. Sustainable investing is becoming the norm, not a niche, because the globe is demanding it.”

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