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Six Years of Insight with Sara Price

Sara Price served as a board member at Oikocredit US from 2014 through 2020. She has collaborated on both the Executive and Product Development Committees. As Sara wrapped up her second three-year term, she passed along a few key insights from this experience.

Before 2014, Sara worked in global industries such as energy and infrastructure. She found this work fascinating, but the impact these sectors had on a local level left her feeling “empty.” Deciding to make a change in her life, she turned to nonprofit work in hopes of making a positive impact. Sara joined Oikocredit US at a time when it had decided provisionally to stop selling investment products. “We were an organization looking for a purpose.” Her experience in developing strategies is what initially drew her to Oikocredit US, but she soon found the mission resonated with her desire to do good in the world. “It was the perfect storm of intellectual curiosity and this amazing impact at the end of it.”

In 2014, she could see the co-op’s potential. “[As the US affiliate of Oikocredit,] we were a small cog in a big machine. We had the potential to be a big cog.” During Sara’s tenure, she witnessed and took part in significant changes, including the merger of Oikocredit Western Pennsylvania and Oikocredit Northwest. Looking to the future, Sara is incredibly excited about the new direction we are taking. “The leadership of Matt Eldridge has completely transformed the organization.” The challenges ahead include raising awareness of our impact and exploring innovative solutions. Sara leaves us with a feeling of optimism and sees a strong future for OUS in the next 5 years. “The board and staff of Oikocredit US have been an absolute joy to work with. They’re dedicated, efficient, and positive.”

Please join us in thanking Sara for her dedication over the years. Oikocredit US wishes her well in all her next endeavors.

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