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Oikocredit International - April Virtual Roadshow

On April 14, 132 attendees from around the globe took part in Oikocredit International’s Virtual Roadshow that highlighted its partner, Pro Mujer. Ronaldo Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer at Pro Mujer, spoke of their success in Bolivia. Their work has dispersed over $4 billion in loans to more than 2 million women while also providing access to health care.

Pro Mujer connected health facilities and providers with their network of entrepreneurs who manufacture high-quality masks and medical gowns. In response to the pandemic, entrepreneur Benigna Quisbert transformed her clothing company into a manufacturer of face masks and medical gowns for a public hospital near her home.

Pro Mujer has become one of Latin America’s leading organizations committed to the empowerment of women.

Interested in Pro Mujer's work? Visit their website to learn more.

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