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Salute to Sara Shoff

On behalf of Oikocredit US (OUS), I would like to congratulate our Chief Operating Officer, Sara Shoff, on a new senior operations role she has accepted at a mission-driven investment bank in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her last day at OUS will be on Friday, October 22. In her customary, classy style, Sara gave us notice more than a month in advance and we will miss her very much.

Sara has been an exceptionally valuable member of our team at OUS. As a colleague and leader, she has made a measurable difference on many levels, not the least of which include leading our 2020 research study and recent report, helping to recruit and onboard an amazing set of new Board members, introducing our new recoverable grant product, and launching our monthly webinar series, "Alignment: Using Your Values to Invest in Social Change." Moreover, Sara has been a steady, reliable confidant with whom I’ve been able to work closely on matters both strategic and tactical.

Sara has helped to ensure a smooth transition and set us up for success going forward. Her departure has also given us an opportunity to revisit our staffing needs and priorities. As she moves on, we will be looking to recruit a program manager in the new year and, in the near term, engage a strategic fundraising resource on a consulting basis. More details soon on both of those opportunities.

Please join me in extending best wishes to Sara on her new position, thanking her for all she’s done for Oikocredit and its impact in low-income countries, and letting her know how much we’ll miss her on the team.

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