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Welcome to our new Fellow!

This week Oikocredit US welcomes our new Impact Investing Fellow, Omar Butt. Omar will be leading our 2021 impact investing market research.

"Omar brings extensive experience in investment advisory services and management, working directly with retail investors - and a passion for social impact focused investing. We are thrilled to welcome Omar to the Oikocredit US team!" remarked Chief Executive Officer Matt Eldridge.

Omar is a Social Finance Masters candidate at Malaysia's INCEIF with 12+ years of professional experience in Canadian investment advisory services and consulting. He holds a degree in Liberal Arts from Southern New Hampshire University, graduating on the President's List and recognized for the Distinguished Scholar award.

Omar has a passion for providing solutions to address any gaps in an individual's financial plan and aims to transition towards a values-based career in impacting broader social change. He is excited at the prospect of gaining experience in impact investing along with a more nuanced understanding of using blended finance in reducing global poverty.

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