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Tugende Limited: Improving Lives in Uganda

Tugende Limited, Uganda provides micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) with accessible and affordable lease-to-own financing. Tugende means “Let’s go” and its primary product is motorcycle leasing. Tugende’s target customers are motorcycle taxi drivers and other self-employed people who need an asset to run or expand their business.

Fatumah Nabatanzi has been a client of Tugende for three years and is a hairdresser in Kyambogo.

With her first loan, Fatumah bought a fridge for the soft drinks she sells in the business next door to her hairdresser’s salon. The fridge is located in the salon because that’s where Fatumah has access to electricity. With her second loan, she bought equipment for the salon.

Fatumah is a single mother with two children. Thanks to the Tugende loans, her income has increased. Her two businesses help her to pay school fees, rent a home, and make plans to move her business to a location with more foot traffic.

Florence Nakalema is a water seller in Kibwa.

Before she started selling water, she was earning very little and there was no water in the community. In Kibwa, many people either don't have running water or have unreliable service.

Florence heard about a Tugende programme to buy a water tank. Tugende bought the water tanks in bulk at a discount, and was able to provide two of them to Florence. Florence’s tanks allow her to store a total of 16,000 liters of clean water which is refilled twice a week and sold to customers.

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