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About Us

Oikocredit US is the US affiliate of Oikocredit International, a worldwide cooperative and financial institution that promotes sustainable development by providing investment capital and technical support to microfinance institutions, cooperatives, fair trade organizations, and small to medium enterprises. We seek a triple bottom line: modest financial return, and strong environmental and social impact.

About Us

$1.4 billion AUM working to empower people to improve their livelihoods


As an impact investor, Oikocredit's work is guided by the principle of empowering people to improve their livelihoods. Oikocredit International offers loans, equity investments and grants to our partners. Through 34 regional and country offices Oikocredit nurtures strong local networks and relationships that support our partners and clients. Oikocredit's investments focus on low-income households and communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Oikocredit US creates ways for investors and donors to align their investments with their values. 

Our Team

The Oikocredit US team meets completely remotely, from three countries and five US states and the District of Columbia. 



In 1968, amidst Apartheid in South Africa and the Vietnam War, the World Council of Churches met in Uppsala, Sweden. Young, politically engaged church members wanted assurances that church investments were aligned with their values. The idea of an ethical investment channel for churches and related organizations was put forward, with the intention that investments would provide credit to emerging, sustainable companies run by people in low-income communities.

In 1975, the Oikocredit Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society, UA was legally incorporated in The Netherlands to pursue this mission.

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