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Oikocredit US is the United States affiliate of Oikocredit International (OI), a 46 year-old global cooperative and social investor that makes impact investments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve the living standards of low-income people and communities. OI provides loans, equity investments and capacity building grants to small and medium size enterprises that are active in financial inclusion, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.


The organization currently has more than €1.3 billion in assets under management, primarily invested in 674 partner organizations in more than 70 countries worldwide. Individual and institutional investors from 12 countries including the United States have provided the capital for these investments. We seek a triple bottom line: modest financial return with strong environmental and social impact. For additional information on OI’s mission and operations, please visit

What OI does

Oikocredit US (OUS) is a 34-year-old, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the impact of OI. We generate financial support for and raise awareness of OI’s impact investing and capacity building activities in low-income countries. OUS is led by a volunteer board of directors, including members located in the US in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, D.C. and Washington State, as well as in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Ankara, Turkey. More information about our board and management is at this link.

What OUS does

Tran and Bui have a good life, in which they have their own house and can pay for the education of their children. But only recently that was not the case. Tran gets emotional when she talks about this difficult time: “When our oldest was five, we had almost no money. So, she has a tremendous drive to be successful, so she doesn't have to live on a low income as she was when she was young. ” After a short break, Tran continues, "I would like her to become a doctor, but she wants to work at a bank so she can make a lot of money." Tran hopes that all her children will receive a good education, but also that the family can expand their business further and perhaps even open an additional workshop.


Would you also like to invest in a future for entrepreneurs like Tran? Make a membership gift to Oikocredit US here.

Entrepreneur stories



Sarah has a stall at her local market, and sells fruits and vegetables ranging from papayas and pumpkins to watermelon and onion. Thanks to a loan through Oikocredit, she has been able to buy more stock, pay her suppliers on time and offer a more varied range of products.

Sarah Uganda 980x396.jpg

Sarah makes a profit now! This is quite a relief, because her husband cannot fully support their family. Thanks to her loan, Sarah's children can return to school and the family can complete the necessary maintenance in their house. 

Would you like to join us in ensuring that entrepreneurs like Sarah can improve their financial security? Make a membership gift to Oikocredit US here.





The only education Juana Flores de Paulino has ever had is the three years she has attended elementary school. This Salvadoran entrepreneur started working as a basket maker at a young age, and has been a practicing professional for over 27 years.


It takes her two hours to make a basket. The baskets are sold to brokers for $4 each. Because Juana lives in a remote area, the transportation costs for her required materials are high. 


Her business has grown thanks to microcredit. “My first loan was about $22 and from this I bought materials,” she says. "In addition, we were able to get a special microcredit loan to renovate our house, which now gives us electricity!" Juana adds happily.


Do you want to invest in entrepreneurs like Juana? Make a membership gift to Oikocredit US here.



Leaning on a handmade vase, Tran Thi Ha (age 40) takes a break from her work. Tran and her husband Bui Quy Thang (41) together founded a carpentry business, thanks to microcredit through Oikocredit. The Vietnamese couple already have six employees, including Bui's brother and sister.


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