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2021 Impact Report Webinar: Resilience and Togetherness

On September 24, Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit US together hosted a webinar conversation on Oikocredit International's 2021 Impact Report. Oikocredit volunteers, staff, and guests across North America came together to discuss the role impact investors like Oikocredit play in Covid-19 recovery in low-income countries.

Our speakers included:

  • Moderator: Karen Tsang, Director, Global Enterprise and Operational Risk Management at Manulife, and board member at Oikocredit Canada

  • Panelists:

    • John Berry, Director, JOBS Tunisia, and board members at Oikocredit US

    • Lindsay Wallace, Director of Strategic Operations, Limestone Analytics, and board members at Oikocredit Canada

  • Introduction by: Sara Shoff, Chief Operating Officer, Oikocredit US

Oikocredit’s 2021 Impact Report provides an overview of the cooperative’s social impact across each of our focus sectors: financial inclusion, agriculture, renewable energy, and capacity building activities.

This year’s report highlights the impact of Covid-19 on our results, and how our actions in 2020 helped to support our partners so far. The data and stories in the report also illustrate Oikocredit's ongoing support to its partners. For the full report, click here.

To view a recording of our September 24 discussion about the Impact Report, visit our YouTube channel at this link.

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